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Germany – Brazil: Handball World Cup 2019 in live ticker

Handball World Cup 2019: Germany face Brazil in the second group match, which annoyed France on Friday. Is there the next victory? We report in the live ticker.

Germany – Brazil 15: 9 (15: 8), Saturday, 18:15

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31 minutes: The game continues!

Handball World Cup 2019, DHB against Brazil: So ran half time one

Halftime: The German selection takes a sovereign advantage in the cabin! From the beginning, the DHB selection was the man in the Berlin House and showed Brazil that a repetition of the Olympic surprise is out of the question. Weinhold and Gensheimer scored the first six goals and Brazil could be seen that on Friday until late in the evening against World Champion France had a hard fight. Not only the offensive shone – even goalkeeper Wolff has obviously caught a pretty good day …

30th minute: Towards the end of the half, Germany shows a little less cold-blooded. Brazil's goalkeeper can put his seventh parade on the floor.

28th minute: And again seven-meter for Brazil! And this too is sunk ice cold. At least from the point the German opponent is clarified.

27 minutes: There are seven meters for guests from overseas. And this attack is sitting! It is 7:14 from the perspective of the Brazilians.

26th minute: Outstanding block behavior of the German actors! The Brazilians always have a DHB hand and are incredibly hard to land a successful attack. In return succeeds the Berlin Fabian Wiede the next hit.

24th minute: Goalkeeper Wolff now wants to score a goal, but the throw in the direction of orphaned box goes just off.

22 minutes: Coach Prokop now gives the team the first tactical time-out. The DHB coach does not have much to criticize.

21 minutes: Germany does not let it rag – and again it is Fäth who hits the bull's eye. It seems as if the course can be set for victory before half time.

19 minutes: Steffen Fäth is in the mood for goals! Again, the player of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen meets and unscrews the score to 11: 4, before it rings again in return.

18th minute: The doorbell rings for the tenth time in the Brazil! Sagittarius: Fäth. DHB legend Pascal Hens looks rather skeptical at the margin.

16th minute: For a change, it rings again on the other side. For information: The last two good chances, the DHB team has NOT utilized.

14th minute: And the litter goes over the box! Brazil continues to play a major role, meanwhile it rings for the ninth time in the lead. Scorer: Fäth.

14th minute: The presentation of the hosts can be called so far only impressive. Offensive top, defensive too. But now there are seven meters for Brazil …

12th minute: Four times Gensheimer, twice Weinhold – that was the yield of the first six DHB goals. But then Groetzki meets from a distance, as the goalkeeper of Brazil has left the case.

11th minute: The South Americans are now a bit more energetic, but suddenly Gensheimer can again assert itself and completed the sixth stroke.

10 minutes: Tactically, the Brazilians have changed a bit. Shortly after resumption succeeds the second hit.

9th minute: Madness! Andreas Wolff has destroyed four out of five big chances of the opponent. And at the front it rings again! Brazil takes the first time out …

7th minute: Particularly striking: The German defense work works in the first minutes of this encounter almost perfectly. And zack, it rings again in front. Weinhold to 4: 1.

5th minute: The South Americans can shorten, but in return Gensheimer exploits a seven-meter.

4th minute: And there it rings again in the gate of the Brazilians! Gensheimer sunk with a sharp throw from the left position.

3rd minute: The first goal has fallen. Steffen Weinhold has achieved it from a semi-right position.

2nd minute: Madness! And the next rescue of the keepers. Would he like to let anyone in today?

1st minute: Already Andreas Wolff has the first opportunity to excel! Glanztat and the counterattack is running.

Kick-off at 6.15 pm! The meeting Germany against Brazil is under way!

Handball World Cup 2019: Can Brazil surprise the DHB team?

18.12 clock: "Blooming in the shine …", the DHB handball players sing along in full throttle while they stand arm in arm. What does the starting formation look like today? Here is the resolution:

18:09: The referees are from Norway today. Now the national anthems of the two teams are sounding in the capital.

18:02: And there was something else? At the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, the German selection against the hosts even as a loser from the place. In the group stage, the DHB selection had to beat in a heated battle at the end with 30:33 …

17:58: Who thinks that the second duel against the Brazilians is a self-runner, who could be mistaken. On Friday, the South Americans showed already against the reigning World Champion France that they are capable of an outstanding performance. The favorite was brought into distress for a long time and was just able to prevail with 24:22.

17.51 ​​clock: Until it starts in Berlin, we would like to briefly present our survey. Who do you think can win the world title this year? It's true who is your favorite at this year's tournament:

5:45 pm: It is getting serious. It starts in half an hour and our handball players are warming up. Will the second victory succeed in the second tournament game today? This is to be assumed!

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker for the second group match of the DHB selection at the Handball World Cup 2019. The team of coach Christian Prokop meets in Berlin today in Brazil. We report in the live ticker.

Germany – Brazil: Handball World Cup 2019 in live ticker

Berlin – A great World Cup start is behind the German handball national team. In the first game of the Handball World Cup 2019, the DHB boys have brought in the expected victory. With 30:19 (Ticker to read) the handball players succeeded after the opening ceremony a successful debut in the home tournament.

Now comes with Brazil another beatable team – but a much heavier chunk than Korea in the first match. The South Americans should also be defeated, if you want to have a say about the next round. With Russia (Monday), France (Tuesday) and Serbia (Thursday) are waiting clear ambitious teams in the next week.

In the "week of truth", the first tendency can already be seen. And the answer to the question of whether it has paid off, not to nominate experienced players like Tobias Reichmann.

We have summarized for you where and how you can follow the matches of the Handball World Cup 2019, including the duel between Germany and Brazil, live on TV and in the live stream.

Do you know yourself in handball? If not, you can familiarize yourself with the rules of the sport and we will clarify what is going on with the yellow, red and blue cards.


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