Germany celebrates National Socialism Liberation Day with limited acts

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Germany celebrates today the Liberation Day of National Socialism, the 75th anniversary of the German capitulation in World War II and the end of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, with restricted acts due to the coronavirus crisis. The planned grand state event ordered by Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier in front of the Reichstag, the historic seat of the German parliament, has been suspended, as has another ceremony before the Brandenburg Gate. A short event will take place in front of the German Memorial for Victims of War and Dictatorship on Unter den Linden Avenue, which will only be attended by Steinemeier, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the Presidents of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the two parliamentary chambers , and that of the Constitutional Court.

A 81% of citizens of Germany believes that the federal government is acting satisfactorily in the fight against the coronavirus, according to a survey by the «Politbarometer», the political barometer released this Friday by the second public television network ZDF. 67% also express their general support for the reliefs of the restrictions announced this week. In the specific case of the gradual reopening of gastronomic venues, 52% of Germans consider it the correct measure, 26% too early and 19% too late. More critical is public opinion with the decision to allow the resumption of the German Bundesliga soccer season from mid-May. 54% of Germans think that the season should be permanently suspended, 32% are in favor of resuming it with games behind closed doors and 14% do not know or do not answer.

Members of the German federal government continue to gain popularity for their successful management of the coronavirus crisis, according to a poll by the German public television network ARD. The federal chancellor, the conservative Angela Merkel, continues to increase her values ​​and is at a peak of popularity. 68% are satisfied or very satisfied with their actions in the health crisis, which is four points more than a month ago and reached its highest level of popularity since July 2017, also heading the list of politicians preferred by the Germans. In second place are the head of Finance and federal vice chancellor, the social democrat Olaf Scholz, with whom 59% of those consulted are satisfied or very satisfied, and in third place the federal minister of Health, the Christian Democrat Jens Spahn, with 56%.

The German administrative courts and the German Constitutional Court have so far received a a thousand complaints against the restrictions issued by the authorities to combat the coronavirus. The open emergency procedures are related to the obligation to wear a mask or prohibitions such as meeting and demonstration, as well as celebrations of religious services, limitations to travel or regulations for the opening of shops and gastronomic venues, according to the group’s newspapers. Funke based on sources from the Federation of German Judges.

“This indicates that the general acceptance of coronavirus restrictions is gradually being diluted while increasing the desire to alleviate them,” says Sven Rebeln, members of the Federation of Judges leadership, who warns that “the more The most minute pandemic restrictions last are the checks on their proportionality. ”

The needs of the little ones not taken into account during the coronavirus crisis. The opposition party La Izquierda has joined the voices of organizations demanding the holding of a “child summit” at the Federal Chancellery similar to that held a few days ago by the head of government, Angela Merkel, with the presidents of the German automakers. “Children, women and families” are the losers of the crisis, declared the parliamentary leader of the Left, Dietmar Bartsch, who demands that the restriction of the right to school, education and care for minors be ended immediately. . “The measures taken to reopen nurseries and schools with the handbrake on do not in any way meet the demands and needs of children and parents,” Bartsch told DPA.



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