Germany dismantles its elite military unit due to its links with the extreme right

This elite military unit, the KSK“It cannot continue in its current form. It has to be modified inside and better integrate into the Bundeswehr,” the armed forces, according to a report by the Ministry of Defense presented to deputies on Tuesday and to which the AFP agency had access .

The special forces are accused of having separated too much from the army, which favored the emergence of “toxic leaders” and the spread of “extremist ideas”, continues the report.

Immediately, the second company of the KSK will be dissolved without being replaced. The elite unit will therefore only retain three companies.

Created by Germany in 1996, under the model of the British Special Air Service (SAS), the secret operations unit is made up of some 1,400 operations and logistical support soldiers. Their missions include repatriating Germans from war or crisis zones, intelligence work, or training Allied forces.

The disappearance of 48,000 cartridges and 62 kilos of explosives of the KSK was described as “worrying” and “alarming” by the Defense Minister, Annegret Kramp cart constructionr, in an interview with the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“The wall of silence is breaking,” said the minister.

With the memory of the ubiquitous Nazism, Germany has sought since the end of World War II to have an irreproachable army.

Various KSK members were identified as close to ultra-nationalist circles, something very worrying in a context in which the authorities fear the resurgence of terrorism on the extreme right, against migrants, Jews and the political leaders who support them.

The internal situation of the remaining companies in the unit will be reviewed again in October. If KSK members “did not listen to that first salvo of warnings, then we will undertake a broader reorganization,” the official warned.

A series of scandals have hit the armed forces in Germany in recent years. The first alarms in the KSK went off in April 2017, it is a farewell party for one of its commanders. There were Hitler greetings and pig heads were thrown.

In January, the German Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) announced that 20 members of the elite troop were suspected of being members of the extreme right, a proportion five times higher than in the Bundeswehr.

In 2017, two soldiers, one of them Franco Albrecht, a 28-year-old officer, were arrested on suspicion of planning an attack on German personalities who were too favorable, according to them, to immigration.


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