Germany: The knife attack in Würzburg. There are victims

“There is no longer any danger,” assured the police on Twitter. “The attacker was incapacitated after the use of firearms by the police. There are several injured and fatalities,” he added.

The alleged perpetrator was shot by the intervening police, but “his life is not in danger” – assured the police on Twitter. The area around the scene was fenced off.

A video posted on social media shows a young man holding an object that looks like a knife and other men holding it at a distance with chairs until the police arrive.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Another video showed blood stains on the ground. As Reuters writes, the place shown in the videos matches the place where the attacks took place, but its authenticity could not be confirmed.

The police called for not sharing photos or videos of the incident on the Internet, asking for the privacy rights of the victims to be respected. Certain areas of the city center remain closed for the time being, writes “Bild”.

The attacker is a mentally ill Islamist?

The head of the Bavarian Interior Ministry in South-East Germany, Joachim Herrmann, said on Friday that in the case of a knife attack in Wurzbuerg, in which three people were killed and five seriously injured, the authorities do not rule out an Islamist basis for the time being. The perpetrator was recently treated psychiatrically – he added.

“There are indications that there could be an Islamist attack,” Hermann, who arrived at the scene, told DPA. He added that according to one of the witnesses of the incident, the attacker shouted “Allahu Ahkbar” (Allah is great).

“The police investigation will have to determine whether this is an act linked to Islamism or the mental state of the aggressor,” Herrmann pointed out, noting that according to emergency services, the Somali has displayed “truly incredible brutality.”

As the police informed earlier, the perpetrator was shot in the thigh by one of the intervening officers and arrested. He is a 24-year-old Somali man who has lived in Wuerzburg since 2015. Police took him to the hospital where he was treated and is currently being questioned.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs specified that the aggressor had previously been known to the police for acts of violence and psychiatric problems, and “a few days ago he was forcibly placed in a psychiatric hospital” – he added

According to a spokeswoman for the local police, Kerstin Kunick, the knife attacker attacked pedestrians at approx. 17 in the city center around Barbarossa Square.

According to the German media, from a few to a dozen people were injured. According to the local newspaper Main Post, the death toll includes a child and one of his parents.

Police tweeted that the residents of Wuerzburg are now safe and urged to refrain from speculating.