Germany tops the list of European countries with the most canceled flights. Know where Portugal is

Due to strikes called by the workers of the various airlines, European airports suffered significant delays and cancellations of their flights between May and August of this year.

According to data provided by AirHelp, the largest organization in the world specialized in defending the rights of air passengers, 1366 flights were canceled in Portugal between May and August this year.

This number makes Portugal the seventh European country with the most flights canceled during this period.

According to this study, prepared by AirHelp, the top ten is led by Germany, whose airports canceled a total of 6,107 flights. In second place is the United Kingdom with 4,486 canceled flights. Italy (2,885 canceled flights), France (2,671 canceled flights), the Netherlands (2,076 canceled flights) and Spain (1,718 canceled flights) are in the places above Portugal. Denmark, Sweden and Austria are in the places below Portugal, with 1,063, 1,014 and 721 flights cancelled, respectively.