World Germany warns the US, Russia and China "not to...

Germany warns the US, Russia and China “not to fall back on ideas from the past”


With a rapa dust to the great world powers -United States, Russia and China-, the president of Germany, Frank Walter Steinmeier, inaugurated this Friday the 56th edition of the Munich Security Conference, an independent forum that they attend this weekend more than 40 heads of state and government and a hundred foreign and defense ministers from all over the planet.

Steinmeier accused the three countries of threatening the international order with selfish actions. “It is not a new thought but a relapse in the ideas of the past and that is dangerously incendiary,” said the German president and former foreign minister, who denounced that the United Nations Security Council “is locked in central issues ”, while“ other institutions and authorities that “help us overcome our different traditions, interests and priorities to translate it into solid commitments” are “intentionally weakened”.



experts participate in the Munich Security Conference, which presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have not attended. More than 40 heads of Government and State attend.

The union of Europe.

Frank Walter Steinmeier stressed that Germany’s priority must be to preserve a “united Europe.”

A discreet forum.

The conference is the usual setting for private meetings between political leaders who in public would not even shake hands. In fact, there are more confidential meetings than conferences and debates and audiences.

Russia “has once again used as a means for politics” the violent shift of borders in Europe and caused “insecurity, unpredictability, confrontation and loss of confidence,” said Steinmeier, who also accused China of making selective use of international law and disturb their neighbors by their expansionist policy in the South China Sea and “all of us” with their actions against minorities in their own country.

But “also our closest ally,” the United States, practices “political selfishness” and has abandoned the idea of ​​an international community, the German president said. Steinmeier warned against a “growing destructive dynamic in world politics”, stressed that “we are moving from year to year from the goal of international collaboration to create a world in peace” and stressed that “currently the return of nationalism leads us to a dead end, in dark times ».

Technology control

The head of the German State said that the priority of this country should be to preserve the union of Europe and said that “this united Europe will only survive if we understand it as the most concrete place of German responsibility.” For that reason, “a fearful heart cannot beat in central Europe,” said Steinmeier, who acknowledged that Germany must contribute more to the security of the continent, “also financially,” to then give Washington the reason for its demand for that NATO countries must contribute 2% of their GDP to defense, although military spending cannot be “the measure for us to have a secure and peaceful future.”

Shortly after, and in a dialogue on the stage of the Security Conference with the president of the Bundestag, the Democratic leader in the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, warned against the Huawei communications consortium when creating the new 5G telephony networks mobile and the danger of a possible dependence on China. The 5G infrastructure needs an “international model” to reign freedom on the internet.

“The most serious form of aggression” would take place if that technology is dominated by a country that “does not share our values,” he argued, just the same day a federal prosecutor in New York denounced Huawei for the alleged theft of industrial secrets. and for dodging US sanctions against North Korea.

The NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, also announced the prolongation of the international mission against terrorism of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and the expansion of the presence of his organization in the latter country. . Stoltenberg stressed that NATO could take on “some training activities” in northern Iraq for Kurdish forces.

Conference participants, who are expected to attend 800 experts, hold their meetings at the luxurious Bayrischer Hof hotel, guarded by a security apparatus consisting of almost 4,000 police officers.



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