Germany will authorize delivery of tanks to Ukraine | Germany | D.W.

The German government gave the green light on Tuesday for the shipment to Ukraine of Gepard-type tanks, with anti-aircraft defense capacity, belonging to the stocks of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) consortium, as advanced by German media such as the newspaper southgerman newspaper and the magazine The mirror.

The German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht, reiterated this Tuesday (04.26.2022) her country’s commitment to Ukraine and confirmed the authorization for the shipment of Gepard-type tanks, within the framework of a conference at the US base in Ramstein.

The conference is attended by the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, the Defense Ministers of many of the EU countries and the Ukrainian Defense Minister.

coordinated help

“I am glad that a strong sign of security with Ukraine comes out of this meeting and I am glad that on your initiative, dear Lloyd, the meeting will take place in Germany,” Lambrecht said. The German minister then highlighted the “brutality” of the Russian troops and stressed the need for coordinated aid to Ukraine.

Gepard anti-aircraft tank, withdrawn from service and painted with a special pattern, alluding to its name, to be exhibited in a museum.

In this context, Lambrecht recalled the increase in the German military budget, the creation of a special fund of 100,000 million euros for defense spending and arms shipments, and confirmed the authorization to send Gepard tanks, which can also be used against ground targets, from the stocks of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) consortium.

“In the face of a war of brutal aggression, we have said goodbye to a policy of containment regarding the export of weapons in war and conflict zones, above all to help Ukraine. It was not easy, but it was a decision supported by the majority of our population,” he said.

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Arms, ammunition, training and humanitarian goods

In a first step, Lambrecht said, weapons belonging to the German Army, such as anti-aircraft missiles, were sent. However, the capabilities of the Army are limited, which is why the shipment of other equipment by the industry has been authorized, as is the case of the Gepard.

In addition, Lambrecht pointed to the decision to offer training to the Ukrainian Army on German territory, for the use of certain weapons.

According to Lambrecht, the main asset to confront Putin is cohesion, so aid to Ukraine has to be coordinated, without going out alone: ​​”Putin believed that the Western allies were going to divide with the war. The opposite happened. The coalition diplomat that offers resistance and bets on order based on law covers the whole world,” he said.

Germany, according to Lambrecht, has been helping Ukraine with weapons, ammunition and humanitarian goods: “There has been criticism of Germany. But the figures say otherwise,” he said. “For me it is important that we continue to score together and not allow ourselves to be divided,” he added.

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