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Berlin | Germany will transfer around 38 billion euros to Brussels in 2021. This is reported by the “Welt” (Friday edition), citing the response of the federal government to a request from the FDP member of the Bundestag Gerald Ullrich. That is around 6.1 billion euros more than last year, when 31.9 billion euros flowed.

The increase corresponds to an increase of more than 19 percent. For its part, the Federal Government relies on information from the European Commission. The EU budget has shrunk slightly this year in absolute terms.

There are two reasons why Germany is still paying more than before: On the one hand, Germany and the 26 other member states after Brexit will have to fill the gap left by the UK’s exit. After Germany, the UK was the largest net contributor in the EU. In addition, the solid condition of the German economy ensures that the German contribution will increase this year. The proportion each EU state contributes to the community budget depends on its proportion of the EU’s total economic output. Germany’s economy got through the corona crisis comparatively well, which is why the share of the total economic output of the EU has increased during the pandemic, while the share of other countries has shrunk.

This also increases Germany’s share of the financing of the EU budget. The federal government assumes that Germany paid 15.5 billion euros net into the EU budget last year. Poland benefited most from the redistribution of funds by Brussels last year.

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At least that is what the federal government is assuming. “On the basis of information from the European Commission on returns and financial contributions, the German government assumes that, with a financial contribution of 5.7 billion euros and return flows of 18.1 billion euros in 2020, Poland will be the Member State with the highest operating net balance from the EU -The budget was up, “said the Federal Government’s answer. Warsaw is likely to be the largest net recipient this year as well. This is tricky, after all, Poland, like Hungary, which was also one of the net recipients, has been criticized for its handling of the rule of law. “If we talk about sanctioning member states that violate the rule of law with funding cuts and at the same time continuing to plan the highest payments from the EU budget for such member states, EU budget policy loses credibility,” said FDP politician Ullrich.

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