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Original title: Gerrard: Liverpool have made the biggest signing of the future, they are world-class

After Klopp successfully renewed his contract with Liverpool, one person’s reaction is most noteworthy, that is, the current Aston Villa manager Gerrard, who all Reds fans consider to be the “natural successor” of the German – he once One of Anfield’s most outstanding captains.

So how did Gerald react to this? The Liverpool native offered his congratulations to Klopp during his pre-match press conference against Norwich.

Gerrard said: “I think you can read a lot from people’s smiles. All Liverpool fans around the world will be very happy when they hear this. Congratulations to Klopp and his team. It is the most important signing for Liverpool for many years to come.”

“From a personal point of view, I think he deserves his performance. The fans have been eager for him to renew for a long time, he has built a world-class team and I think they are currently Right on the cusp of some really special stories.”

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