Gessica Notaro returns to train dolphins in Riccione – Emilia-Romagna

‘Today more excited than on the stage of the Sanremo Festival’

“Today I am more excited than when I went on the Ariston stage for the Sanremo Festival”. Thus Gessica Notaro that today she has restarted from the profession and workplace that she left 12 years ago. The young Rimini woman, known for her participation in television programs, victim in 2017 of an attack with acid that scarred her face, has returned to be part of the dolphin trainers team of the Oltremare park in Riccione. This morning she surprised the audience by telling her story and talking about the friendship that has always linked her to animals.

With his colleagues from Riccione, he said, he feels at home. “If I have become what I am today it is also thanks to these people, with whom I spent several years of my life”. “In these 12 years I have visibly changed but the dolphins do not care. For them they are always the same Gessica – she explains – Our animal friends, unlike us, are not gifted with the use of words. Although they communicate with a non-verbal language, perhaps they can understand each other better than we do. And every day they remind us of the importance of values ​​such as friendship, affection, love, respect. Things that we humans sometimes forget. Perhaps because we are too busy judging others “.



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