Get a double bonus for purchases in the eShop now

If you regularly buy new games from the Nintendo eShop, you can look forward to the future: for a short time you will receive double the number of gold points for your purchases.

This can really pay off with the proud prices that the in-house store offers for Nintendo Switch games. The campaign in the eShop will run until January 31 of next year.

Buy Nintendo Switch games in the eShop and earn double Gold Points

However, there is one catch: You only get double the gold points if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and the expansion pack for the service.

If you meet both criteria, the Japanese game company will give you gold points worth 10 percent of the purchase price of all items. This even includes game coupons, as the manufacturer reveals on the campaign page. You can then use these to buy more titles and coupons in the Nintendo eShop.

We are provided with a simple calculation example here: If you decide to buy Splatoon 3, which we have of course extensively tested for you beforehand, at a price of 59.99 euros, you will receive gold points worth six euros back.

Numerous titles to choose from

Of course, Nintendo will provide you with a huge selection of switch games so that you can enjoy the campaign to the fullest. In the eShop you will not only find popular highlights such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8 in the Deluxe Edition, but you may also be interested in new titles.

And of these there are not only in the last few days, but especially in the coming weeks. We’ll tell you which five particularly exciting games November has in store for the Nintendo Switch.

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