Get more exercise, playing Pokémon!

The franchise Pokémon it has wide appeal and is popular with many types of audiences. A great example of this is its constant popularity for more than 20 years and the widespread anticipation surrounding each of its releases. However, for some fans, enjoying animated series and games as they are isn’t enough, as there are ways to integrate them into an exercise routine.

In fact, just because they are exclusive to Nintendo, the possibilities have gone beyond the traditional video game, since Pokémon is currently available on their consoles, on social networks, and even on your own cell phone. Check how you can take advantage of it to activate you more.

How to get more exercise with Pokémon

There is no better way to do exercise taking advantage of this franchise than with Pokémon Go, since it allows you to get out and move. And while the goal is really to catch pokemon, it can also help you burn some calories and just help you have a more active lifestyle.

In addition to draining your phone’s battery life and cell data plan, fitness trainers “Pokémon Go” they can also take advantage of various benefits. And it is that, anything that makes you move, has a lot of merit and value, because also time will fly by.

In addition to physical health, people who play with this appnot so new anymore, are also discovering benefits for mental health, as the game alleviates anxiety and depression by bringing them out and connecting people with similar interests and passions.

But the true warriors, those who bravely tackle the jargon-laden new augmented reality game to capture digital creatures, do so by completing the physical part of the game.

You’ll Forget That You Hate Exercise: If exercise isn’t your thing, it will help a lot if you can focus on something other than the discomfort and boredom of exercise. Instead, you will be excited about an activity that interests you.

You will have a chance to WIN: Are you participating in a walking challenge with your friends or are you part of a community? Don’t be surprised if you end up as the “Top Walker” on the days you’re hunting Pokémon.

Social interaction: Instead of staying inside watching TV, playing Xbox or Playstation, your interest in the game will cause you to go outside, get some fresh air, and possibly meet others who are also playing Pokémon Go. Brief conversations that share a common interest can occur. You never know: you may make a new friend.

Time will fly and you will get more steps: When you get lost in a reality game, you lose track of time and forget to keep checking how far down you’ve been walking or how many steps you’ve taken.

You will burn calories: You can get so immersed in the game that you won’t notice that you are sweating, tired and more active than usual. More movement = more calories burned.

pokemon go may seem “just a fun gameBut don’t forget, you can also use it as a fitness tool. If you practice good Pokémon Go safety habits, this can be a great way to get started and be more active while wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

If you’re participating in a walking program or step challenge, Pokémon Go could be the inspiration you need to move more throughout the day. With countless updates on social media about how to prevent sore feet, tired legs, and players burning more calories than usual, it’s easy to see why many people say they’re walking more than ever before.

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