“Get people out of the camps!” (Neues-deutschland.de)

Photo: Björn Obmann

“Get people out of the camps!” Echoes from all sides across the wide square in front of the Brandenburg Gate. There are some 50 people between Tiergarten and Pariser Platz, some putting on a few old shoes, others painting footprints on the asphalt with chalk. “It’s a sign that we were here, even if not everyone is allowed to come here at once,” says a young woman wearing a bright orange protective mask. “#Leavenoonebehind” (leave no one behind) she wrote on it with Edding.

Numerous organizations and movements, including »Seebrücke«, »Unteilbar«, »Fridays for Future« and »Ende Grundstück«, had called for the nationwide campaign day under the motto »We leave traces – Leave no one behind«. They demand the immediate evacuation of all people from the overcrowded camps on the Greek islands and on the EU’s external border. The police had banned the planned gatherings on Friday. In Berlin and Hamburg, the organizers had sued the bans, but had no right in court. The responsible groups in Berlin then called for “individual walks to the Brandenburg Gate”.

JUST MAKE FOR REFUGEES – Protest at the Brandenburg Gate during Corona

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It is a protest against the crisis, during the crisis: “We are currently trying out which form of protest is still possible,” says one man. “We don’t want to infect anyone, keep everyone at a distance – But in Moria people can’t do that and we have to demonstrate against it.”

Again and again the police car in front of the Brandenburg Gate prompts you to leave the square and go home. “But the refugees have no home!” Shouts a young woman on her bike. When the police approach her, she drives away. Most give way to the police, who are now clearing the square. Since Friday, high fines have been imposed in Berlin for violations of the exit restrictions. Nobody here would like to pay 500 to 2500 euros, which are due for meetings and gatherings. In the course of the operation, the police distributed individual references and recorded personal data. In the end, a few police officers also collect the shoes that the activists have put up as a sign.


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