Get Ready for the Euromillions Mega Jackpot of 130 Million Euros: A Guide to Playing Single, Multiple, and Multichance Grids

On the occasion of the Euromillions mega jackpot of 130 million euros on June 2, we have concocted an article summarizing all 3 game modes to validate your Euromillions grid today. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to play Euromillions (single, multiple or Multichance grid) available for free in these lines.

Euromillions Mega Jackpot of June 2, 2023: 130 million euros at stake

For the second time in 2023, the euromillions european lottery will offer a super prize pool of 130 million euros for players during the draw on Friday, June 2, 2023. Several tens of millions of players are expected whether in France or abroad and we hope that luck will be on the side of French players.

To hope to win all or part of this mega jackpot, you will need to have played at least one grid. Whether you decide to play online or in-store at Euromillions My Million, the prize of your grid will remain fixed at €2.50, but different options are offered to you whether you play from your account or at your retailer.

Play a Euromillions My Million grid in 3 minutes flat

For this draw on Friday June 2, 2023, as for all the other Euromilions My Million draws, you are offered the possibility of playing your cards directly online from the platform. This will allow you to play during your summer holidays but also at work or on public transport, and even to play abroad.

Follow the 4 steps to play your Euromillions grid today

  1. Create an account on the Française des jeux website If it’s not done yet. The registration procedure is 100% free and will give you access to the entire range of FDJ games (scratch cards and lotteries). Take a look at the different FDJ promotional codes to find out if you are eligible for an offer.
  2. ✅ Open the EuroMillions My Million tab on the website then select 5 numbers and 2 stars to make a simple combination. If you lack ideas to produce your combination, you can of course use the Flash button to have your grid filled in randomly by the computer.
  3. ✅ Select the draw date to this Friday evening and/or add the Etoile+ option for an additional €1.
  4. ✅ Make your payment directly online by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by PayPal / Paysafe.

Simple Euromillions grid from €2.50 to €3.50

The most common method used by players to playing Euromillions is the simple grid. As its name suggests, this is the classic format used by +90% of French players for its simplicity and easy understanding.

To complete your simple Euromillions gridyou just have to choose 5 numbers and 2 stars among the 50 numbers and the 12 corresponding stars which will be indicated on your game grid. You will be able to leave the choice of your numbers to chance by ticking one Flash Euromillions system or to select your favorite numbers in order to attract luck to your combination. You should know that the probabilities of winning are strictly identical between a grid with your lucky numbers and another with randomly chosen numbers.

❗Good to know: you can also add the Star+ option to a simple Euromillions grid. You will be charged an additional €1 per grid played with the option. The chances of receiving a gain will increase from 8% to 25%.

Below and opposite, you can find an example of a simple grid that was played for this exceptional Euromillions draw on June 2, both on a computer or a smartphone.

Play your grid online

Play a Euromillions grid for this June 2 draw, an example grid.Play a Euromillions grid for this June 2 draw, an example grid.
“An example of a Euromillions grid played for the June 2, 2023 draw.”

Group of Euromillions players: the Multichances FDJ offer from €5 to €7.50

If you’re ready to share your Euromillions winnings, the group play formula Multichances FDJ you might like it. With two distinct offers, you will have the possibility of playing for two types of groupings which will each consist of 10 multiple grids (different).

Thus, when you subscribe to a share in a group, you have access to all 10 multiple grids that will have been played, and your winnings will be shared between the different owners of shares in your group.

2 offers exist to play Euromillions in a group ⤵

  • 🤑 Grouping at 5€: 660 grids played and 330 shares are included in the pool. The multiple grids are composed of 5 numbers + 12 stars.
  • 🤑🤑 Grouping at €7.50: 1260 grids played for 420 different parts in the grouping. The multiple grids played are made up of 7 numbers + 4 stars.[highlight]

[highlight shiny=”true”]❗Good to know: you can play up to 10 shares for each Multichances Euromillions group. Also, it will be possible for you to play 1 part several times in order to participate in several groups of players.

Play Euromillions here

“Possible groupings of players with the Multichances Euromillions offer this Friday evening. »

Euromillions multiple grid: play up to 10 numbers on a grid

Finally, the most regular players and certainly the most initiated to the Euromillions will be able to try their luck with multiple grids allowing you to tick off more numbers and stars than a single grid.

The principle is simple, you will be able to tick up to 9 numbers and the 12 stars on one and the same grid (but not at the same time), allowing you to significantly increase your chances of obtaining winnings. from the draw. Be careful, players who play multiple grids do not statistically have more chances of winning than the others since behind each multiple grid there is actually a multitude of simple combinations that you will pay in one go.

Attention, the price of a multiple grid can reach up to €990 when you tick 6 numbers + 12 stars and if the winning chains are higher, they do not necessarily justify that you spend €1000 for a draw. Euromillions.

Below, find the complete table of Euromillions prices for multiple grids.

“It is possible to play a Euromillions grid by ticking up to 10 numbers during a multiple grid. »

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Euromillions My Million

What is the best way to play to win Euromillions?

By playing a multiple grid with many numbers or by playing in a group, you will significantly increase your chances of winning the jackpot of 230 million euros. But beware, the first solution will cost you dearly and the second will make you share the gains. The simple grid, accessible with €2.50 is also a good game mode. ▶ Play your Euromillions grid here

Can we play several grids for the Euromillions draw of June 2?

Yes, you can absolutely play several Euromillions grids for this draw on Friday June 2, 2023. You will not be limited in the number of grids that you will play, this will allow you in particular to mix several combinations if you have many carrier numbers. happiness. Play your Euromillions grid here

What is the price of a single grid at Euromillions My Million?

To play a grid in the European lottery, it will cost you a minimum of €2.50 to complete a simple grid made up of 5 numbers and 2 stars. This same simple grid can be improved by adding the Etoile+ option for an additional €1.

How to increase your chances of winning at Euromillions?

To improve your chances of winning at Euromillions, several options are available to you. You can subscribe to a Star + option adding 2 new ranks of winnings or tick a multiple grid to play more combinations.

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