“Get ready for the Universal Freestyle Tour in Valencia this weekend – an experience full of adrenaline for bikers!”

If you are a biker and you still do not have plans for this weekend, we propose an experience full of emotion. This Saturday May 27 One of the most exciting spectacles in the motor world arrives at the Plaza de Toros in Valencia: the Universal Freestyle Tour.

An event in which motocross lovers will be able to enjoy a day of truly adrenaline-filled performances with ramps up to more than 15 meters high in which the motorcyclists will demonstrate their talent.

In addition, the event will count with the presence of the famous motorcycling pilot, Maikel Melerofive times world champion and some of the most important motocross riders on the national scene such as Marc Pinyol, Francis Costela, Brice Izzo and Abraham Parra.

During this event, motocross specialists will face different challenges and will offer the greatest motor show with back flips, supermans or high jumps so that the public can fully enjoy this experience at full throttle.

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In addition to the unrivaled performances of the drivers, the Universal Freestyle Tour will feature special effects, powerful sound, light effects and explosions that will elevate the experience to another level as well as some surprises that have not yet been revealed.

Tickets for this event are already on sale on the official website of the Universal Freestyle Tour with prices from 20 euro. This event will start at 19.00 hours with a promising staging.

2023-05-26 10:30:34

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