“Get Ready to Run: 10th Edition of the Liniéroise Running Race on June 24th!”

the 10e edition of the prestigious Liniéroise running race will take place as every year on June 24, Saint John’s Day.

La Liniéroise was born ten years ago from the desire of a few enthusiasts to create an event in Saint-Jean-de-Linières by having children, teenagers, parents and grandparents run along the paths that crisscross the nearby forests. The race has taken the lead over the years, since the biggest names at the departmental level do not deprive themselves of participation in the flagship 18 km race “in order to refine our physical condition in a relaxed atmosphere and a competitive spirit of good quality”, some say.

It was also during the last edition that the organizers, required to respond to this form of enthusiasm, introduced this famous 18 km trail into their program, “another race that requires more sustained effort on uneven courses, both flexible and rough “, specify the organizers who restrict themselves during Sunday outings to scouting on the ground to establish the route of this race.

Everything is therefore in place for the success of this meeting, but the organizers nevertheless intend to stimulate participation in the races by encouraging young and old to register before May 29th. ” At stake, they say, you will receive a beautiful hoodie,” the date being imperative to give a manufacturing deadline to the supplier.

On the program this year: a 10 km, an 18 km, a 6 + 4 km relay and children’s races.

Restaurant on site, musical entertainment, fireworks and carnival. For the first time, the parents’ association (APE) joins the festival committee to offer garage sales on Sunday of the same weekend.

2023-05-16 04:30:39

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