Get this new game free for Xbox for a limited time

After a while without receiving the odd free game for Xbox, at the beginning of the month users with Gold were able to get their hands on A Knight’s Quest. But now, a few weeks later, from the SomosXbox newsroom we announce that you can now get another new free game for Xbox for a limited time. As many of you know, those from Redmond sometimes replace the games with gold in other countries for other titles that can be purchased by any user who has an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, something that has happened again with Games With Gold in Korea.

Although, all those players who are short of games, want to go back to the past or continue filling their library with more titles, through the Microsoft Store de Korea you can get one free Xbox game with Gold for a limited timewhich this time is: HIMSELF DIES. In order to download it, you will simply have to be logged into the Microsoft Store and access through the link, as long as you have an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

These are some confirmed games that will come to Xbox Game Pass in October 2022

free game for xbox

SINE MORA is a side scrolling shooter with unique missions where time is of the essence. Combining classic shooter elements with modern style, SINE MORA features a story mode with incredible drama, as well as an arcade mode for deep shooter fun, with over 60 weapon combinations, carefully designed stages that adjust the difficulty to match the player’s skill, along with different ways of managing time. Don’t miss the soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka and the boss designed by Mahiro Maeda.