Get to Know the 2 Types of Leprosy, Doctor: Treatment for 1 Year

Sonora.ID – It’s not just coughs and colds that are included in infectious diseases, there are a myriad of infectious diseases that even the cure is not as easy and short as coughs and colds in general.

One such infectious disease is leprosy.

Leprosy itself is a skin disease caused by the leprosy germ, mycobacterium leprae, which then gives symptoms or signs such as red rashes and white spots to numbness in certain parts of the body.

In its treatment, this infectious disease cannot be done in a short time and tends to take a long time.

This was conveyed by Doctor Dhelya Widasmara as a Skin and Gender Specialist in the Talkshow program on Sonora FM Radio.

On the same occasion, his party also stated that the length of treatment depended on the type of leprosy experienced.

“In WHO and the easiest is wet and dry, multi bacillary and bacillary pauses,” he said.

The following are 2 types of leprosy.

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