Get to know the comprehensive investment app “InnovestX” from SCBs. Convenient, easy, free of fees.

InnovestX Application The first super app for investment in Thailand that combines all assets in one app. Ready to serve at “Understanding the needs of investors” in various dimensions such as

“Intelligent Portfolios” service as a personal investment expert (Digital RM)

And there is also intelligent technology to help manage investment portfolios automatically. Investors can choose to invest in many forms such as

Invest according to leading guru (Guru Portfolio)

Invest according to goals (Goal-based Portfolio)

Global megatrend themes (Thematic Portfolio) As you wish, without having to have millions of money, you can have a personal investment assistant.

InnovestX Understand the difficulty of access to all investments

Therefore, we allow you to invest in every asset, whether Thai Stocks, International Stocks, Funds, Fixed Income and Digital Assets with just one account opening convenient andIt has the same level of security as a financial institution (Bank grade onboarding).

InnovestX Understand that investments must be diversified for better returns

So we give youInvest in all assets and view portfolios all in one app (All-in-one trading & single view portfolio). Understand that opportunities exist in all asset classes.

The first time you can invest in digital assets. Combine with other assets in one app with intensely selected quality coins.maximum liquidity (Liquidity) by connecting to Exchange Leading partners such as FTX, Coinbase and Bitkub

To make it easier for everyone to start investing, InnovestX sendsCampaign “Zero Gravity” first time of discharge fee lock Let investors soar into the investment universe without limits.

0 baht. Open an account for free. No minimum.

0 baht Portfolio management fee with Intelligent Portfolios service

0 baht, investment in foreign stocks 100,000 baht and application fee for tax filing service W8-BEN

0 baht digital asset trading fee

“One app for every investment universe…for everyone”

Today – December 31, 2022, customers can download the application. InnovestX Available from October 8, 2022 onwards. More details or Facebook Page: InnovestX