Learn, raise awareness, know and offer service from the Serra de Tramuntana. Through an innovative methodology in the Balearic Islands, the service-learning, the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Consortium collaborates with different schools of the Balearic Islands to take advantage of the social and heritage value of the Serra de Tramuntana. The objective of this program is to create community learning and service processes among young people, which help to detect the real needs of the environment.

One of the centers that has decided to be part of this new learning system is the Sacred College of Sóller. Pere Rodríguez is one of the teachers who has accompanied the students in this system that comes out of the usual teaching within the classrooms. "Considering a project in the Tramuntana mountains, a school like ours, which is located in Sóller, could not do anything other than join this program," they say from the center.

The objective of the program is to create community learning and service processes among young people

The teacher explains that the location of the school allows them to cross the road in a nuts and arrive at the Sierra very quickly. Rodríguez states that for the last few years, the Physical Education subject made one Didactic unit called NW (walking with canes) with the objective of presenting to the students of the fifth and sixth of Primary the surroundings, in particular the ways, that surrounds their school. By means of short trips or trips, with a maximum duration of one and a half hours, and always making a circular path, that is, not spending twice there, students learn the mountain itineraries closest to the center. "We can not miss the opportunity that gives us to be located so close to the Sierra. The involvement of teachers and students is very great. "

Awareness and dissemination

He The main theme that students have learned is "to know the paths of the Serra". From here, a work group was created to be able to convert what was a didactic unit of Physical Education in a new methodology of service and learning, which sets out five main objectives: to know, interpret, raise awareness, preserve and disseminate all the values ​​related to the Serra de Tramuntana (always based on the main theme).

The will is to know, interpret, raise awareness, preserve and disseminate all the values ​​related to the Serra de Tramuntana

First of all, meet different paths of the Sierra that are very close to the center. To carry out this learning, Rodríguez explains that "we work on six different itineraries of the Serra so that the students can Increase the orientation capacity and know new routes who are very close to their school. " The second element that has been studied is Learn to interpret the landscape thanks to the knowledge and learning of different paths. "If the students become acquainted with the environment, it will be easier for them to learn to respect and care for them," says the Physical Education teacher.

Another goal is Awareness of the youngest of what surrounds them. Rodríguez asserts that it is one of the most important lessons of the activity. "We want to be aware of the importance that it has to preserve, preserve and respect our Serra's heritage. When they learn to respect the environment that surrounds them, they learn to appreciate it. For this reason, it is essential to give students the importance of caring for and protecting the environment. "

And to finish, the center wants disseminate the work done of knowledge of paths, itineraries and routes in the Sierra. "The students have been able to make a clearer idea of ​​the location of the roads thanks to the fact that we have carried out a technical file with the collected data, which explain the characteristics of the paths made, possessions, toponymy and photographs of the itineraries.

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