Get to know VTuber, a Virtual Content Creator Popular on YouTube, Jakarta – For YouTube or Twitch viewers who follow the trends on platform share and streaming that video, you should be familiar with the term VTuber.

If you’re browsing YouTube or Twitch, you’ll probably find some streamer which does not reveal its real face and uses cartoon or anime characters or avatars. That’s VTuber.

In Indonesia itself, there are already several YouTube content creators who are VTubers. Call them Mythia Batford, Zen Gunawan, Minerva Rosaline, and Kobo Kanaeru.

According to How to Geekquoted Thursday (23/6/2022), the word “VTuber” itself comes from “virtual YouTuber” or “Virtual YouTuber.”

This is a term for a type of online content creator, who uses a virtual created avatar when they go live to their audience.

Meanwhile, according to pc magVTuber or virtual YouTuber can be defined as computer-generated videos of fictional personalities appearing on YouTube and other social media and video sharing sites.

Most VTubers are reported to be from Japan and often create content in Japanese. However, content creators or influencer This kind usually has a global audience.

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