News Get up Venezuelans find solace on the beach

Get up Venezuelans find solace on the beach


La Guaira (Venezuela) (AFP) – When Venezuelan's opposition leader Juan Guaido asked for weekend protests trying to end the community crisis against President Nicolas Maduro, only a few hundred people came up .

It has been a great help from the ten thousand he set up a year ago after he confirmed that he was an interim president and that he had won recognition from more than 50 countries.

Many, like Jhoan Navarro, prefer to pay attention to the beach these days, and are happy to interfere with the political antidote that there is no prospect of them changing their lives. .

Navarro on Sunday made the journey one hour north from Characas to Camuri Chico's beach on the Caribbean coast with his wife and daughter "to change air, to clean our minds."

"When I have a problem with my wife we ​​work together, but we know that Maduro and Guaido are not tackling our economic problems," said Navarro, making a huge contribution to the music from speakers of his car. , parked on the edge of the sand.

– 'Unchanged'; –

Like many, it has become accustomed to Guaido years mood with Maduro.

Maria Eugenia Hernandez, on the beach with a group of her friends – said "every single mother" – that she supported Guaido from the beginning.

But she admits that no progress has been made by the 36-year-old opposition leader regarding the bust of the socialist president's power.

"To be honest, he hasn't done much. I haven't seen any change. Nothing," Hernandez said.

A year ago on January 23, Guaido used his status as a parliamentary speaker to announce an interim president to himself, but Maduro has made protests and was in power quickly with the help of the armed forces.

Guaido last week survived dramatic attempts to re-elect the head of the National Assembly, and called for a series of new protests to try to direct Maduro's request, which is overseeing a pledged and outward-looking economy. acting as dictator.

"I can't complain, I've got a good job," said Navarro, 29, a bank employee who is among the lucky paid part in US dollars, buffer against current country inflation.

– Free currency –

The bolivar, the national currency, lost almost 99 per cent of its value in 2019, according to the Central Bank. Meanwhile, inflation is approaching 20000 percent stratospheric, according to the International Monetary Fund.

In the southern hemisphere southern heat, Venezuelans is trying to exploit Caribbean beaches in the country to try to forget their difficulties. It is a relief from the daily crisis of the turbulent economic crisis.

Sitting on the beach overflow, Juan Gonzalez said that he came to "a party with my friends."

He doesn't care for "Maduro or Guaido" but said he'd like to see Maduro's goal because he went up to the economy and he didn't want to convince him.

As a messenger, bolivars are paid to Gonzalez at the monthly minimum wage, which increased the government's 50 percent on Friday. He rose to 450,000 bolivars or $ 6.70 at the official exchange rate.

"My salary is not enough for me," said Gonzalez sophisticatedly.

– 'Getting accustomed to it' –

Further up the sand, Nelson Bolivares, 57, was cooking fish over an open fire, using a dismantling ventilation safety guard as a grid.

What interrupted him, he said, is the migration of Venezuelans.

"Those who leave, they do it as they want, not because of the situation in the country," he said.

Venezuelans is going through the worst economic and social crisis in his recent history.

Medicine and scarcity of food are common, particularly in the provinces, as well as recurring power blackmail and fuel shortage, despite Venezuela sitting on one of the world's largest raw reserves.

According to the UN, 4.5 million Venezuelans have fled the country since the end of 2015, most of them settled in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Maria Eugenia Hernandez said she does not intend to abandon Caracas or her work as a pastry cook in the near future.

"You get used to it."


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