Getlife presents its life insurance for mountain athletes that protects anywhere

Getlife, la insurtech that is revolutionizing the sector, presents its specific life insurance for the most adventurous, which protects the insured’s family in the event of death or permanent disability.

Getlife thus offers a specific product designed for lovers of the mountains, an activity that is not usually covered by traditional insurers, which charge excessively for non-existent risks and with very long and complex contracting processes and do not cover certain activities.

Greater accessibility to natural spaces, high doses of adrenaline and the tendency to spend more time outdoors are the ingredients that have made the mountain a key destination for the most adventurous. And, although when practicing this type of sports it is usual to rule out or not think about the possibility of fatal accidents, the reality is that they do happen.

According to data from the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports, since 2015 there have been more than 5,000 accidents in the mountains with a balance of more than 500 deaths. For this reason, it is advisable to have life insurance that protects us against serious accidents.

Getlife has created a life insurance for mountain athletes that allows its clients to be insured in any corner of the world.

Like all the company’s products, this new insurance is flexible, it can be contracted ‘online’ and easily for as long as you decide and without the need for examinations or medical tests. As long as the premium is paid, which is billed monthly, and not annually, the insured will be covered.

Getlife also allows changes to be made to the coverages included when the insured needs it. This flexibility makes it more useful and easier for the youngest to have life insurance, which they can take out indefinitely or to insure themselves during the period of their life in which they practice risky activities such as mountain sports.

Mountain sports entail a great challenge for both the body and the mind of those who practice them. For this reason, the company emphasizes that it is essential to have the peace of mind of specific insurance, since traditional insurance does not usually cover many of these risky activities.

Getlife’s goal is that everyone can have access to fixed term life insurance policies designed in an ethical and easy to understand way and adapted to people’s lives.

To do this, it indicates that it is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and sophisticated data technologies to eliminate “the traditional barriers that prevent people from obtaining fair coverage and policies without surcharges that do not correspond to the client’s health situation. The result is the most modern, flexible and competitive life insurance on the market, in a simple way , very fast and 100% online”.