Getting a tax refund with AK is now very easy!

Vienna. In Austria, many employees are able to recover their possible overpaid taxes by filing an annual tax return.

Employees who have children, commute as pendlers, or have not earned any all year, all they need to do for a “tax refund” is to prepare a “tax return”. However, many people find it difficult to prepare their tax returns. At this point, the Austrian Chamber of Workers (AK) offers various tips to support its members.

AK guides employees with Youtube video

As the point of contact for all employees who need help with employee tax assessment, AK provides great support to its members through tips, guides, lessons and videos on its website.

AK is now guiding employees with a nearly 40-minute YouTube video on how to file a tax return. In the video support, which is supported by various subtitles, informative and carefully prepared step by step, you can directly switch to the sections you are interested in.

The video „How to make 2022/23 tax equalization in Austria“ with EC Tax Specialist Dominique Bernhofer can be found here. To reach the tax tips offered by the AK, you can visit. (

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