Getting Rare, Hunting These 5 Rooster Motorcycles is like Looking for Treasure


5 rooster model motorcycles that are increasingly difficult to find. PHOTO/ TOKPED

JAKARTA – If the rooster model motorbike is like Honda Sonic150R and Suzuki Satria FU are still easy to get and even still in production.

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In contrast to these 5 models of rooster motorbikes, looking for them is like looking for treasure, to own them, apart from being difficult to get them, you must be willing to enter the interior of the archipelago.

The reason is that since the issue of implementing emission regulations hit big cities in Indonesia, these 5 motorbikes have changed hands a lot to remote areas.

Here are 5 rooster models that are increasingly rare in the country.

1. Yamaha Champ

This 100cc Yamaha motorbike with a Yamaha Alfa-based body has ever existed in the country. At that time this type of motorbike was also quite in demand by the public, adopting a 2-stroke engine, this motorbike was very capable of being invited to speed in its era.

2. Suzuki Sprinter

Suzuki RC-100 Sprinter ayago motorcycle launched by Suzuki Indomobil in Indonesia in the 1980s. And this is the first beginning of the ayago motorcycle to pave in Indonesia. At that time the motorbike was still following the conventional flow, the choice was if it wasn’t a moped, it was motorsport. Now, this time, Suzuki provides a different choice by presenting the Suzuki RC-100 Sprinter from Thailand.

With a 99.6cc 2 stroke engine with air conditioning plus a typical suzuki jet cooled system, the reed valve is capable of producing a maximum power of 9.5 ps @ 6500 rpm, maximum torque reaching 1.15 kgm @ 5000 rpm, mikuni VM16 carburetor, semi-automatic clutch using 4 acceleration .