GEW on the consequences of the corona crisis in the field of education (daily newspaper young world)

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From a press release from the Education and Science Union (GEW) on May 1:

»The corona crisis mercilessly uncovers the weaknesses of the education system in Germany. It makes it clear what problems globalization brings with it and how deeply divided societies are, «said Marlis Tepe, Chairman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), at the» Labor Day «in Frankfurt am Main. “You are not alone in solidarity,” is the motto on May 1st. (…) Worldwide, the trade union movement is celebrating this “Labor Day” digitally for the first time. (…) »Education has been criminally neglected for at least 20 years. Now the past failures are catching up with us. Problems of ensuring hygiene and protection against infection are also related to the 43 billion euros investment backlog in schools alone. The cleaning of educational institutions has been outsourced. Getting education ready for the digital age was tackled too late and too hesitantly. In addition, we are sighted into a dramatic shortage of teachers and skilled workers in the daycare centers, «emphasized the GEW chair. Lack of space leads to overcrowded daycare centers, school classes and lecture halls at universities.

The lack of educators and teachers poses major problems for daycare centers and schools on the way to gradual opening. Also because the average age is high and many teachers belong to the risk groups and therefore should not be used in face-to-face classes. »The social division in Germany is exacerbated by distance learning. Children from poor families are less well equipped with digital media, they have to learn in cramped living conditions. This problem must be solved immediately. We need additional resources that are allocated according to the social index, «emphasized Tepe.

The Whistleblower Release Committee Julian Assange issued a statement on May 3rd on the occasion of the International Press Freedom Day. It says:

This day, like many others, journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will spend behind bars in the Belmarsh maximum security prison in London. Despite his chronic lung diseases, he is held there, despite the increased risk of developing Covid-19, and without a court sentence – he is in preventive detention there. The United States is demanding his extradition, for this reason alone an unconvicted journalist is in the highest security prison in the UK.

The number of legal inflections and violations that have been and are being committed by authorities and state actors in several countries in collusion (such as the original Swedish file documents or statements from UC Global employees) to capture Julian Assange , according to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, cannot be compared to any other case known to him. This injustice cries out to heaven.

On the day of freedom of the press, it is important to report on this judicial scandal, which, as a precedent, will override our most fundamental rights and will go down in history in one way or another. (…) This precedent means that in the future every country could arbitrarily prosecute every journalist. Regardless of the country you live, work in or your nationality. If you report about China or Qatar or Iran, this country could request your law enforcement and extradition.



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