GGD Groningen: only some infections from abroad

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In the first days of July, 1689 people from Groningen came to the test location in the UMCG. Four of them tested positive.

GGD doctor Machiel Vonk: ‘We know the source of three of them. It concerns people who have worked in Arab states. ” Vonk is not afraid that these infections will have major consequences. “These people knew that the virus was active in the countries where they worked. They were immediately tested when they got complaints. ”

Where are they staying?

The Groningen GGD does not see in the figures that ‘any measure that has been lifted’ has had consequences. The percentage of infections remains low.

In the meantime, more and more people are getting tested. That is good, says GGD doctor Vonk, although the number of tests is still far below expectations. Vonk: ‘We have made forecasts based on GP figures over the years of the number of people with respiratory complaints during this period.’

The GGD was prepared for all these people to be tested, but ‘we are nowhere near getting those figures’.

Maybe more people are catching a cold now, because schools are open again

GGD physician Machiel Vonk

It is guessing why and why there has been an increase in recent days. Fewer people may have caught a cold due to corona rules such as keeping their distance and applying hand hygiene, so there was no reason to get tested. “And maybe more people will catch a cold now, because schools are open again,” says Vonk.


Anyway, the GGD encourages testing, especially now that people are going on vacation. GGD doctor Machiel Vonk: ‘It is no problem that they travel, but they will also come back. We do see risks. What are people going to do and where are they going. We see such large regional differences in Europe. ‘

Even if people go on vacation in an area where corona is under control, there are no guarantees. ‘A camping site, for example, brings people from all areas together. And when we are on holiday we are often a bit looser. That could be detrimental. ”

The call is therefore: ‘Are you coming back and do you have complaints? Get tested! ”

Testing for corona

Since 1 June, anyone with complaints can have themselves tested for corona. In the first month, 5889 people from Groningen did this at the UMCG; seven of them tested positive. In July, so far 1689 people had come for a test; four of them were found to have corona. Of all the Groningers tested so far, more than 0.1 percent actually have corona.

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