Ghana can become a malaria-free country – First Lady


General news from Thursday, April 25, 2019



First Lady about malariaRebecca Akufo-Addo, Ghana's First Lady, believes malaria is a preventable disease

Ghana's First Lady, Ms. Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has tasked stakeholders to prioritize the available resources in the fight against the spread of malaria in Ghana and to ensure a reasonable use.

In her opinion, "Malaria is a preventable disease and we have proven tools that can change our history. What we need is renewed and determined engagement in the fight against them. "

The First Lady did so at the opening of the World Malaria Day 2019 in Somanya – the Akutunya Truck Station in Yilo Krobo's community meeting on the subject of "Zero Malaria Begins With Me".

"In July 2018, at the African Union summit, President Akufo-Addo declared his commitment to innovate to reduce the burden of malaria. Since that promise, I know that the Ministry of Health, together with our partners, has stepped up efforts to combat malaria. The country has expanded existing interventions and is on its way to testing the malaria vaccine, "she said.

She emphasized that "I am very proud to have achieved the President's promise of reducing the mortality indicator."

Despite these significant findings, she said that "people still die of malaria and the disease is still the leading cause of outpatient care in our healthcare facilities." She expressed concern that Ghana was listed among the ten African countries with high levels of malaria in the world.

The First Lady was confident that "it is possible to achieve malaria. More countries worldwide are moving towards zero indigenous peoples. In 2017, more countries reported fewer than 10 000 cases compared to 2016 and 2010. The number of countries with fewer than 100 indigenous cases, which are a strong indication that elimination is within reach, increased from 15 countries in 2010 to 24 countries in 2016 and 26 countries in 2017. "

"We can do it too if we all work together and follow the guidelines set by the WHO and our national strategy," she said.

He describes the theme: "Zero malaria starts with me" as a call to action, and he said that we should all be required to use existing interventions to combat malaria in the country.

In collaboration with the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation, the First Lady has been working for 14 years to reduce and eliminate the incidence of malaria, especially among children and mothers in Ghana.


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