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Ghosn denounces that he has been the victim of a conspiracy between Nissan and the government of Japan


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The former president of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn, explained on Wednesday all the details of his flight from Japan to Beirut (Lebanon), and has given details of what he considers to have been a "conspiracy by Nissan executives and the government of Japan itself » to get him away from the presidency of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi car consortium, while accusing Nissan of spending more than $ 200 million on a campaign to investigate and destroy his image.

Ghosn, 65, arrived last Sunday at Beirut airport, from Turkey aboard a private plane after fleeing Japanese justice, hidden in a box of musical instruments.

"I want to wash my name and make it clear that the accusations of Japanese justice are false," he said. The officer was arrested on November 19, 2018. Japanese justice accuses him of having reduced part of his income to the sum of 74 million euros between 2010 and 2018. "I am not here to present myself as a victim, but to denounce a system that violates the most fundamental principles of humanity."

The former Nissan-Renault manager was arrested in Tokyo along with his number two, Thierry Bolloré, for alleged financial irregularities during his tenure at the helm of Nissan and has always defended his innocence. I know I had been under house arrest in Japan for a year, where he faces four lawsuits open against him, including an alleged millionaire tax fraud committed in Japan between 2010 and 2015, after hiding much of its stock market benefits. His trial was expected to begin next April.

In his appearance before the media Ghosn has argued that the process he has lived is due to a "political persecution." It all began, according to his statements, when Nissan sales began to fall in the most important markets, while Mitsubishi was facing a complicated situation.

The first reason for this "plot" was the deterioration of the company's results since 2017, when Ghosn decided to leave the post of CEO to focus on the alliance with Mitsubishi. The second reason was the discomfort in the Nissan dome and in the Government of Japan for the dominant position of the Government of France in the Renault shareholding. Thus, he explained that the "Florange law" that increased the voting rights of France in the alliance, caused "in Japan to find it unfair that Nissan had zero voting rights when it owns 50%. Here began a kind of distrust on the part of our Japanese colleagues, particularly towards me. Some felt that to get rid of Renault's influence on Nissan they had to get rid of me. And they were right ».

He recalled that in 2017 the alliance was a leader in the sector, with growth forecast and with plans to add Fiat Chrysler. «I was negotiating with John Elkann (president of FCA). Now all that has been lost, ”says Ghosn. Analyzing the economic evolution of the group, he states that since his first arrest in November 2018, the capitalization of Renault and Nissan has plummeted, with losses for the Renault brand of 20 million euros a day and about 40 million a day at Nissan.

Ghosn wanted to clarify that he did not flee from justice «but from injustice and political persecution. I had no choice but to protect myself, it was the most difficult decision of my life. The legitimacy of a judicial system should not be based on an accusation rate but on confidence in the search for the truth, ”he said.

In his appearance before the press he wanted to clarify that he has been waiting for this moment «during more than 400 days since I was kidnapped brutally and separated from my family and my business ». Thus, he directly accuses Nissan executives and Japanese justice: "I was found guilty from the outset due to certain Nissan executives with the complicity of the Tokyo prosecutor's office and a law firm."

Incommunicado and without lawyers

The former CEO of Renault Nissan recalls the time of his arrest and his availability to the Japanese judicial authorities: «They said that there was a problem with my passport, so I was not arrested on the plane but at the airport. I asked to call a lawyer for Nissan, but I didn't know that they themselves were the ones behind the coup. At this point he accuses Nissan of having spent more than 200 million dollars in a campaign to investigate and destroy his image.

After being arrested he suffered multiple interrogations "without the presence of a lawyer for hours and under accusations that do not involve crime in most countries, ”he says. He also complains that during the time he was detained, the conditions were very hard: "I only had 30 minutes a day to walk, I could take a shower twice a week and had no chance to speak with anyone in French or English."

Regarding the crimes of which he is accused in Japan, he says that At no time have you received any compensation unauthorized and that what he won was approved by the board of directors and reviewed by the different audits carried out over the years.

Regarding the accusations that he celebrated his birthday in Versailles (Paris) in charge of the company, he said that a work event was organized in which he gave a speech to the attendees, who were partners from different countries. This refers to the so-called "Versailles Case", which accuses him of having paid his "macro party" birthday with funds from the alliance. In this regard Ghosn says that “the alliance was patron of the Palace of Versailles, so we paid more than one million euros for the repair of the Peace Room, and thanks to that we had access to a free room, ”he clarifies. His birthday, on March 9, was organized shortly before the anniversary of the 15th anniversary of the alliance and the day of his 60th birthday.

In addition, he noted that lThe houses he used in Lebanon and Brazil they were owned by the company and for that he had authorization from the CEO at that time, Hiroto Saikawa, among others.

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