“Ghost” shines near the ground!


A huge asteroid, the size of an Airbus plane, flew between Earth and the Moon very close to our planet on Wednesday morning, May 16.
The asteroid “2010 WC9” approached at a distance of 203 thousand km of land on Wednesday morning, at 1:05 Moscow time.
The asteroid’s speed is 13 kilometers per second and orbits the sun during 1.12 Earth years. It is estimated to be 60 to 130 meters in diameter. This asteroid was first discovered, on November 30, 2010, and disappeared 10 days after its discovery was called the Ghost asteroid.
Astronomers have confirmed that the approach of the asteroid “2010 WC9” does not pose a threat to the Earth because the chances of collisions by non-existent.
The 2010 WC9 is attributed to the near-earth Apollo constellation, which is invisible to the naked eye. However, it can be seen with simple amateur telescopes.
Source: Izvestia



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