‘Ghostbusters’ actor Bill Murray (72) finds love with singer Kelis (43)

‘Ghostbusters’ actor Bill Murray (72) finds love with singer Kelis (43).© rr

Hollywood is a showbiz couple richer. Actor Bill Murray, known for the films ‘Ghostbusters’en ‘Groundhog day’, has found love with R&B singer Kelis, known for the hit ‘Milkshake’.

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Bill Murray (72) is according to the British tabloid newspaper The Sun recently spotted more often during performances by Kelis (43). At the beginning of this month, they were seen together at the Mighty Hoopla Festival in London. The British newspaper also writes that the two also stayed in the same hotel and have been “close for a while”.

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Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray en Harold Ramis in ‘Ghostbusters’.© rr

“They hit it off clearly,” quotes The Sun a friend of the couple. “They’ve also both shared relatively recent deaths and have that common bond between them.” Kelis is a mother of three, but lost her husband to stomach cancer in March last year. She was previously married to rapper Nas, whom she accused of mental and physical abuse. Bill Murray’s wife, Jennifer Butler, died a year earlier, in January 2021. “They are both single and having fun despite the pretty big age difference,” the friend says.

Bill Murray is not undisputed. His late wife, his second wife incidentally, accused him of domestic violence, infidelity and sex, cannabis and alcohol addictions.

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