Gianluca Lapadula: Claudio Ranieri praised Cagliari players after the win against Parma

Cagliari dreams of promotion to Serie A after beating Parma 3-2 in the first leg of the Play Off semifinals. In this match the Peruvian scored Gianluca Lapadula criminal way. After the commitment, the Italian coach Claudio Ranieri praised the performance of his team against the team led by Gianluigi Buffon.

“I have a team with a big heart, with an audience that blows behind us and makes us fly. Pecchia can change the entire starting eleven and no one would notice because they are all quality players”, said the experienced coach who is already throbbing the return match against Parma.

“On Saturday we have to give our hearts, Parma is a great team but we can defend with our hearts blow by blow. The return will be a good game; Camará will come back for them and we will have to be careful, but we are in a position to play an excellent game, we will fight for that ”, he added.

Lapadula’s goals

Gianluca Lapadula He is going through a great moment in Italian football. The ‘9’ of the Peruvian National Team scored 25 goals for the Italian-Peruvian in the season, which he scored for the fifth consecutive game.

Since Ranieri’s arrival, ‘Lapagol’ has now 18 conquests plus 4 assists in a total of 20 games.

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This was the penalty goal by Gianluca Lapadula. | Source: D Sports

Remontada de Cagliari by Gianluca Lapadula

Suffering to the maximum, but with the hope intact to return to the highest category. Cagliari defeated this Tuesday 3-2 a Parma in the semifinal first leg of the promotion playoffs of the Serie Ba result that he achieved with a comeback at the end and in which he converted again Gianluca Lapadula.

Cagliari settled in the semifinals after beating Venezia in the previous instance at the hands of the attacker of the Peruvian team, author of a double. With a great present from the top scorer and voted the best player of the season in Serie B, the Sardinian cast had ‘9’ as their main offensive card, however, the match did not go as planned.

Parma, captained in the goal by the legend Gianluigi Buffon, He controlled all the offensive intentions of the homeowners, an aspect that balanced him with great dynamics in attack. At 10′ Adrian Benedyczak opened the account and Simon Sohm (26′) silenced the Unipol Domus of Sardinia.

In the complementary game, Zito Luvumbo twice and Gianluca Lapadula, from a penalty, turned the score around to the delight of the local fans.


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