Giant art mural at Expo 2020

Sharjah (Union)
The curtain was officially unveiled at Expo 2020 Dubai on a giant mural measuring 125 square meters and weighing about 500 kilograms, created by experienced designers, as part of a collaborative project between the American University of Sharjah and the United States Mission to the UAE.
The unveiling ceremony of the mural was attended by Megan Gregonis, Consul General of the United States, Robert Clark, Commissioner-General of the United States Pavilion, Dr. Susan Mam, Director of the American University of Sharjah, and Dr. Varkey Ballathuchrill, Dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah.
The mural combines Arabic and English typography and bears the phrase “You and I seek to shape a world without limits” penned by the well-known Emirati writer and American graduate of Sharjah, Iman Al-Yousef. American graduate of Sharjah.
The mural making process was supervised by faculty members Reem Ibrahim and Hala Al Ani and architect Bishoy Gerges, as well as Polish designer Marian Misiak who led the project as co-designers, mentors and coordinators of the 60-hour manufacturing and construction process in the Al Dhaid area of ​​Sharjah at the StarkCherfex Middle East factory. Contracting.” The mural consists of 25 panels of galvanized iron made from local sources, each panel weighing 20 kilograms, mounted on a supporting frame.
The mural “Big Letters”, located in the Opportunity District at Expo 2020 Dubai, celebrates the unlimited principles of diversity, unity, coexistence, tolerance and escape shared by the United Arab Emirates and the United States.
Consul General Grigounis said: “The United States mission to the United Arab Emirates is proud to support the mural project for the American University of Sharjah at Expo 2020 Dubai, which promotes the slogan of the United States pavilion “Life, Freedom, and the Pursuit of the Future.” The project also embodies the commitment of the United States Mission. The United Nations is working in partnership with the best educational institutions in the UAE to encourage innovation, cooperation and exchange between the two countries.”
Students of visual communication and multimedia design created the visual identity of the mural and published it in multiple channels, including in a social media campaign and a marketing video under the supervision and guidance of the faculty team and staff of the College of Architecture, Art and Design at the university.
Dr. Susan Mam, Director of the American University of Sharjah, said: “Participation in a project of this scale in a major global event such as Expo 2020 Dubai is an important achievement for the university community. We are grateful to the US Mission to the UAE for supporting our team’s vision from start to finish and for allowing AUS to showcase the skills of its students, alumni, and faculty to the world in this way.”
Reem Ibrahim, assistant professor of visual communication at the university, as the project leader, said that the biggest challenge was taking a two-dimensional text and translating it into a three-dimensional viewing experience in a way that unifies the audience of both Arabic and English.
During the Expo 2020, which will run until March 31, 2022, the American University of Sharjah is scheduled to coordinate a series of workshops to share its method of work on the mural and explain its design. University students will also edit a publication documenting the selection and manufacture of the mural.