Giant penis festival is one of the traditions of Japan, the country of the Olympics

An annual religious festival held in Japan, the country of the Olympics, may seem a bit unusual for Brazilian culture, but it brings a lot of people to the streets of Kawasaki city. It is the Kanamara Matsuri, “Festival of the Steel Penis”, or “Giant”.

A tradition of Shintoism, the predominant religion among the population of that country, the Giant Pinto Festival is a millenary celebration and takes followers of this creed to the streets to parade with a giant penile replica, placed on a stool.

The story has its origins in a legend involving the devil, a maiden and failed marriages that lead the girl to use a steel penis to deceive the bad thing. You can check more details about this weird cut of Japanese culture in the article produced by Adriano Wilkerson, for the UOL Portal, in the following video: