Giant rats invade houses through pipes looking for food – News

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Sightings have been frequent in recent months due to confinement in the UK.

A species of giant cannibal rats is invading UK homes by channeling the bathroom in search of food.

Sightings in British homes have been more frequent in recent months due to quarantine. Pest controllers have received several complaints and believe that these attitudes of the animals are due to the search for food, since the restaurants have remained closed for a long time.

“There was a change in the behavior of the mice during confinement. People were throwing food boxes onto the road or in parking lots, but now they are more at home,” Flynn told the newspaper. The Sun, mentioning that the animals are more desperate and end up invading people’s homes.

The company Rentokil registered an increase of almost 80 in visits to the site, when compared to the same period last year.

In addition to the quantity, the invasive rat species is, according to testimonies, cannibalistic.

“There has been an increase in cannibal rats. The other day I used a mousetrap to catch one and when I went to see it, there were only bones left. Another rat had already eaten it,” he recalled.

The businessman believes that vacant houses in the Storke-on-Trent area, in the English region of West Midlands, may be primarily responsible for the current rat infestation due to housing conditions.



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