The three Aldabra giant tortoises from Dresden Zoo moved back into their summer residence on Thursday. The three Hugos – Hugo II, III and IV – were driven to the outdoor area in a vehicle, and as every year they covered the last few meters independently under the watchful eye of zoo keepers and visitors. According to the zoo, Hugo IV took the longest to cover the distance, but at 219 kilograms he also had the greatest weight to move. Hugo III weighs 155 kilograms, Hugo II with 116 kilograms is almost a lightweight in this tortoise weight class.

The tropical reptiles need constant temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius, which is why they live in an indoor enclosure that is not visible to visitors during the colder season from around the end of September. “On the spacious outdoor area, our three Hugos not only have access to a rich range of food, but also a larger radius of movement,” it said. Depending on the weather, the facility also offers shady and sunny spots as well as a small water basin. A heated barn protects against cooler night temperatures. Later, the giant tortoises will be given a new indoor and outdoor area in the new orangutan house.