Giant win leaves Belgrano one step away from promotion to the First Division – Belgrano – Sports

Belgrano obtained this Monday night a clear victory against Defensores de Belgrano by 3 to 0, in a match for the thirty-fourth date of the First National and, if he scores at least two points in the last three games, direct promotion will be assured. to the Professional League.

Maximilian Combaat 3 minutes, and Paul Vegettitwice at 10 and 25 of the first half, quickly gave the reassuring lead to Guillermo Farré’s team.

Now, “El Celeste” has 70 points and maintains the difference of eight with the Institute escort (62), so a victory on Sunday against Brown de Adrogué will grant him the anticipated promotion to the highest category.

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There were practically no equivalences in the cool night of the Alberdi neighborhood, because the locals came out determined to look for the rival goal and, with many people arriving in the opposite area, they took advantage of every option available to them.

It was in this search that Comba’s goal arrived: after a good collective play, the midfielder went up the left sector and capitalized on a center back to open the scoring with a low shot.

The visitor tried to react, but with few ideas and many doubts each time Belgrano attacked, and, in a couple of similar actions, with crosses from Bruno Zapelli and Vegetti’s appearances in the middle of the area, the scorer anticipated the rival defenders and was able to convert his two goals.

The story of the three goals of Belgrano

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The Cordovan team flourished in several passages of the game, with good associations and with available spaces to be able to increase the difference even more, although the tranquility of ensuring the difference in the first half hour of play was enough.

The visitor had a couple of chances at the feet of Ezequiel Aguirre, although the striker could not beat the always well placed local goalkeeper, Nahuel Losada, who responded correctly every time he was required.

Belgrano will visit Brown de Adrogué next Sunday at 3:40 p.m.meeting for which the leadership of the Cordovan team will try to negotiate to allow the presence of their fans.

The “pirate” fans unleashed a party in the stands and voices were released as the minutes passed, predicting a promotion that is very close to materializing.

The match summary

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“Pirate” scores: Vegetti, an area animal

*Nahuel Losada 8

* Gabriel Compagnucci 8

* Diego Novaretti 7

* Alejandro Rebola 7

*Francisco Oliver 6

*Santiago Longo 7

*Ariel Rojas 8

*Fabian Bordagaray 7

*Maximilian Comba 7

*Bruno Zapelli 8

*Pablo Vegetti 9