SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Buster Posey was nominated in the sixth inning in the run-up and the San Francisco Giants stymied the swelling Oakland Athletics on Friday night with a 7-1 win.

Madison Bumgarner struck three goals over six innings to win consecutive starts for the first time this season. Alen Hanson added two goals and Steven Duggar had two RBIs and scored two goals.

The A had won 19 of 24, taking three out of four from AL West-leading Houston before falling to their rivals from across the San Francisco Bay.

Oakland All-Star Second baseman Jed Lowrie was forced out of the game with a left leg bruise after a collision with Stephen Piscotty, while both Alen drove Hanson Fly Ball on short right in the third.

Lowrie's status for the All-Star game on Tuesday in Washington is uncertain. He was selected into the AL team as injury replacement for Gleyber Torres of the New York Yankees.

Chad Pinder married for Oakland.

Neither team has played much offensively, and the Giants scored their first run on the other side by A & # 39; s starter Edwin Jackson (1-1) in the fourth round.

Posey came through in the sixth.

Duggar drew a leadoff gear. After Brandon Belt was struck, Andrew McCutchen and Brandon Crawford turned up. Posey followed with a sharp single to the left.

Posey finished fifth for the first time this season as coach Bruce Bochy tried to turn things upside down.

Bumgarner (3-3) allowed a run with five strikeouts in his third straight win over the A & # 39; s. The left-hander retired directly on the 14th lap and retired after giving one and two walks in the seventh.

Reyes Moronta replaced Bumgarner and pulled three out of the traffic jam.

Jackson returned two runs over six innings, but lost in his second attempt at his 100th career win. Jackson hit five and left three.


Athletics: Khris Davis did not start because of a sore left shoulder, but played in the left field after Piscotty moved to second when Lowrie was removed. , RHP Josh Lucas has been selected to Triple-A Nashville. LHP Jeremy Bleich was called up. RHP Andrew Triggs has been transferred to the 60-day disabled list.


RHP Jeff Samardzija (1-5, 6.42 ERA) is trying to get his injury-riddled season back on track in the middle game of the series for San Francisco. LHP Brett Anderson (1-25.45), who belonged to a combined five-goal shutout on his last start, goes for Oakland.

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