Gibran goes around the shop to return illegal money, Iwan Fals calls it suitable for advancing in 2024

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JAKARTA – Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka return money from illegal levies (Pungli) to 145 shop managers in Gajahan Village, Kliwon Market, Solo City.

The money returned by Gibran was the result of extortion which was allegedly committed by Linmas on the orders of the Head of the Gajahan Village. The amount of extortion returned by Gibran at a number of shops varies. There are IDR 50,000, and IDR 100,000.

What Gibran did attracted wide attention. Moreover, Gibran also took firm action by removing the head of the Gajahan village.Also read: 145 Urban Village Dipalak Shops for THR, Mayor Gibran Quickly Returns

Gibran’s action became a public conversation. One of them, the legendary singer Iwan Fals, thinks that President Joko Widodo’s son is worthy to advance in the 2024 elections.

“This looks like it will be suitable for 2024,” Iwan said as quoted from his Twitter account timeline, @iwanfals, Sunday, May 2, 2021.Also read: Apart from Gibran, will the Jakarta elections be enlivened by this millennial row?

On the issue of 2024, Iwan Fals once said that if Gibran and Bobby Nasution progress in the next election, there will be many. “Gibran-Bobby forward 2024 there are a lot of people …” he teased.

Iwan Fals’s tweet, which judged Gibran to be fit to move forward in 2024, reaped a response from Twitter users, aka netizens. One of them is the owner of the @ velajuel79 account who thinks Gibran can advance in the upcoming Jakarta Governor Election.

“DKI was first … We’ll see the consistency … If you can tidy up Tanah Abang, I’ll choose the fix … If the one who makes Tanah Abang chaotic I won’t go to the lyrics,” he tweeted.

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