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Gifts of a dollar of sand

I guess this New York girl is now a passionate nature to the extreme! Our recent experience of sand dollars proves it.

Do you remember the famous story of a girl who throws a starfish into the sea, one by one, along the coastline? When a spectator told the girl that what she would do would be of little importance, she replied, "It matters to that one" and sent another starfish into the sea.

Well, I have a story of sand dollars to share. The other day, we stumbled on a small island while we were boating and we could not believe how many dollars of living sand were in the water and on the sand, green, fuzzy and in full boom. They were not white and dry as you buy them in a shop. My kids were really interested in them and we were adults. Other children took them out of the water and brought them home, showing them to us and even offering them. My family loved to wear them and watch them, but then we threw each of the sand dollars into the water … to continue living … and we left with only memories as memories.

Now, I have not always been like that. In fact, when I was a teenager, my parents took me to the Bahamas and some natives plunged to get us some starfish that we bought back as souvenirs. At the time, this seemed like the most natural thing to want to do. I still remember the shock to my children. faces when they heard about my youth vacation and the starfish experience, though. They invariably asked why I would do this because why not kill the starfish? Boy who made me feel ugly.

It turns out that they had a very good point. I learned from life, from my children, I do not know exactly where but now I feel the same as children. I wonder, why did I want to do that? Well, the past is done. But now, we CAN save the sand dollars (and the starfish) one at a time at least.

I guess the other day we all wanted to save this little piece of marine life. We cared about the little guys in nature. I thought, "What would happen if ALL of the people who came here took the sand dollars to keep them as souvenirs?" Then we would not have had the special magic we found for a moment together on this little strip of sand and sea And my teenager would not have said "It was cool, let's go back there. I loved all the sand dollars that live there. "This comes straight from the mouth of a known computer enthusiast who spends as much time as possible accompanied by his computer!

Every year, I better understand the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and wildlife. Have I been better educated? Am I just more mature? May be. But I think it's more because I can better see the image through the eyes of my children who seem to see the world with special attention and who help me to see some facets that might otherwise be missed.

So, let's not give up the protection of the environment simply because we think we can not save everything or that we have enough impact. If each of us does his little bit, then we can help preserve the magic of nature for ourselves and for future generations to learn from and benefit from. We will play a supportive role in the drama of our environment when we choose to receive and give … the gifts of a dollar of sand.


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