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Gijs ‘in seventh heaven’ by niece: ‘Welcome dear Shae’

by archyw

Gijs says that he is very proud of the newest member of his family and shares the location of the photo as ‘seventh heaven’. Ruud de Wild, Luuk Ikink, Heleen van Royen and Jochem Myjer, among others, say under the post that they are happy for him.

Gijs himself has no children. However, in December of 2019 he already went on his knees for his girlfriend Cher, in the bustling Las Vegas. Yet the two are still not married and that has everything to do with the guidelines of the RIVM regarding the coronavrius. “We have decided to postpone our wedding for a while in view of the new guidelines of the RIVM,” the NPO Radio 2-dj previously stated on Instagram.

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