Gimnasia 3-1 Racing, for the Professional League Tournament: summary, goals, videos and statistics

The Academy had a bad time in La Plata and, beyond the controversy over an uncollected penalty, he was defeated without mitigating factors by Lobo, who continues to grow.

Racing is a wobbly boxer. That he can hit a blow, but he receives and it hurts. In the Forest and before a Gimnasia that grows date by date, he was exposed again and despite the fact that he was in the game, added to the first great controversy due to the interruption of the VAR, he still does not find that course of the first part of the year and returns defeated.

With the usual premise of having the ball and making it rotate, the Academy seemed better off, but Lobo’s first approach was a goal: Sosa demanded Chila Gómez at the exit of a corner and Erik Ramírez took advantage of the rebound to score. Enzo Copetti, with pure power, managed to equalize the match, but a penalty from Mura at 43 from the premises was turned into a goal by Alemán.

Vecchio’s entry gave pause and filtered passes to a team that arrived but could not enter. The ex-Central almost scored an Olympic goal and, on the next play, Piris lowered Copetti, but a few minutes before, the referee warned that the VAR was not working, the play was not reviewed and it was not considered a foul. The Tripero’s response? A sensational free kick from Alemán that stopped Chila.

With half of the second half to play, Racing was defeated and Gimnasia was able to increase the difference, but the recovered VAR allowed the fourth to be annulled, due to a handball by Ramírez when he was setting the ball. Pipo Gorosito’s team, who have not lost for nine, were always closer to continuing converting and Fernando Gago’s team, beyond the quarrel with the referee, suffered a defeat and, especially, a deep headache.

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The 2022 Professional League Tournament fixture: matches, dates, calendar and results

Next, GOAL brings you the match actions.


  • The meeting between Gimnasia and Racing, minute by minute.
  • GYMNASTICS GOAL! Tremendous free kick by Alemán that stopped Gómez
  • Was it criminal? One minute after notifying that the VAR was not working, Piris brought Copetti down but the referee did not consider the foul
  • Vecchio tried a genius to close the Forest but the crossbar told him no
  • GYMNASTICS GOAL! Naive penalty from Mura to Ramírez and Alemán changes it for a goal
  • RACING GOAL! Copetti took it with pure power and defined with category
  • GYMNASTICS GOAL! Sosa anticipated, Chila Gómez covered and Ramírez took advantage of the rebound
  • El Lobo, now without Carbonero and with Tarragona injured, comes out with two variants
  • With the surprise of Mena instead of Cardona, this is how the Academy goes
  • Good evening and welcome to another GOAL broadcast. Gimnasia receives Racing at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo, in a duel corresponding to Date 4 of the 2022 Professional League Tournament.



    The meeting between Lobo and the Academia will be broadcast in Argentina and throughout South America by ESPN Premiumsignal available only for those who have contracted the Soccer Pack in their cable television companies.

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    Rodriguez King; William Henry, Leonard Morales, Oscar Piris, Matthias Melluso; Ramon Sosa, Augustin Cardozo, Brahian German, Lautaro Chavez; Erik Ramirez, Franco Soldier. DT: Nestor Gorosito.


    Gaston Gomez; Facundo Mura, Leonardo Sigali, Emiliano Insua, Gonzalo Piovi; Leonel Miranda, Hannibal Moreno, Jonathan Gomez, Eugene Mena; Matthias Red, Enzo Copetti. DT: Fernando Gago.