Gina Lollobrigida, afraid of a domestic accident: now she is fine

Moment of apprehension for Gina Lollobrigida. The 91-year-old actress was hospitalized as a precaution. "Before leaving the house I saw that blood was coming out of her nose and, knowing that it takes anticoagulants, I decided to call her doctor," explained her collaborator, Andrea Piazzolla. "Now Gina is in the emergency room, the blood spill has been stopped and the situation is under control."

Just today the actress had told her heart open in a long interview with the "Corriere della Sera", where she recalled anecdotes of her career. Just in the interview he had talked about Piazzolla, who ended up in the middle of a controversy with the actress's son, who denounced him by circumvention of the incapable. "Andrea is the person I'm most attached to – Lollo said – he's a smart guy who does not need my money because he has his work projects and I'm telling you which ones. time and I thank heaven for having given me a person who loves me in the true sense of the word, and this good is reciprocated ".

For his son Milko instead harsh words: "I am sorry that we are no longer in harmony because I have been very generous with him – he said – there is one thing that happens to many actors: children can not support the popularity of parents I have always been a very strong character and he is very weak, he has been surrounded by wrong people.

Still in the interview, when asked how she would like to be remembered, whether as an actress, photographer or sculptor, Lollo replied that "unfortunately they only know me as an actress, which is a part of me, but because of fierce jealousies I have failed to perform other arts that are just as important to me ".



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