Ginés González García, crossed to Manes: To say that there was going to be a pandemic of depressions and suicides is to do personal marketing

“Depression and suicide are one of the issues that must always be addressed. Naturally, in a different circumstance such as the one we are experiencing, we obviously emphasize it”, Ginés González García began in dialogue with Radio 10.

But later, in reference to Facundo Manes saying that “this is a pandemic of mental illness”, the Minister of Health added: “Making a forecast that there was going to be a pandemic of depression and suicides, I know the things they said, it seems to me an infamous way of doing personal marketing”.

Initially the neurologist had relied on an investigation of the INECO Foundation, where he evaluated the effects of the pandemic and quarantine on the mental health of the population and showed alarming figures.

From there, according to Manes, Health cannot be separated into physical and mental health, health is comprehensive and today we Argentines are exhausted”.

With regard to the number of cases that suffer from 8 out of 10 young people in the country have symptoms of mild, moderate and severe depression; and more than 6 out of 10 have mild, moderate or severe anxiety symptoms “


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