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Despite the fact that almost a year has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, the situation remains the same: there is no worth planning or security for what is established to be fulfilled. This is how things go in general and in sports in particular. It is that the competitions, the trips and the training, everything, was affected. And the intended rearrangement has not been and is not at all easy.

Meanwhile, yesterday in the FPF Videna field, a handful of players from the local tournament began training in one of the so-called microcycles of the Peruvian team, a group that was joined by Jefferson Farfán, Alexander Callens and Marcos López. The new double date for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers is approaching and the Peruvian cast must add at least one win and one draw if they want to leave the bottom of the table. Difficult objective if we take into account that on March 25 he will visit the Bolivian national team in La Paz, at 3,577 meters above sea level where the Hernando Siles stadium is located. Then, five days later, he will receive the Venezuelan team at our National Stadium. Keeping six points is ideal, but four are worth the goal.

The Peruvian team has not been able to round off good performances in the first four matches, just good football passages against Paraguay, visiting, where they rescued their only point in the table. Then came the defeats against Brazil, Chile and Argentina. All this without the presence of Paolo Guerrero, due to injury, who is just returning to training, and with a Christian Cueva, driving force in creation, at a low level, who today adapts to his new team in Saudi Arabia. Peru will need its best elements and that these in turn play at a superlative level to tempt good results. If not, the Playoffs will start to get very uphill.

It is also worrying that the local League 1 tournament does not have when to start. It was first scheduled for the 26th of this month and now it is said to be March 12th. Worse still is that the FPF and IPD maintain total silence. Without a local tournament in sight, it will not be possible to summon the best of the medium to the selection and unless they are in the rhythm of competition. The points in dispute for the new Eliminatory round will be key for everyone, especially for those who have no choice but to add, and if it is three, much better. Finally, it will be necessary to hope that the biosafety conditions are also in place.


Cristiano Ronaldo received a jersey for his 750 goals. (Video: @juventusfc)


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