A girl 12 years old died tragically when trying to save his dog be hit by a car, in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Jennarae Goodbar He left the morning of October 27 to practice hunting animals that he was fond of, in the company of his Cash pet.

During training, the dog was distracted and ran towards the Route 60. The younger girl ran towards him, both being run over by a friend of the family.

Both the girl and the dog died, deciding the family would be buried together. To make this possible, they created a fundraising campaign on the GoFoundMe platform.

"We are destroyed, we will be forever, but Jennarae had a purpose and she will live forever through her legacy and that is what keeps us going.

We can never finish thanking everyone for the love and support they have given us. Just know that we love you all from the bottom of our broken hearts"Wrote Jennarae's stepmother on Facebook.


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