Three girl scouts have been killed by a truck while picking up litter.

An adult What killed and a fourth girl has been critically injured, said in the US state of Wisconsin on Saturday.

The children had litter picking in a ditch near Lake Hallie, about 95 miles east of Minneapolis when the truck crossed a lane and into the ditch, hitting the group.

The girls were reported to have been in elementary school in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for about 10 years.

The group had taken the road ahead and performed the service together.

Two of them in the dying hospital.

Sergeant Daniel Sokup said the driver, Colton Faith, initially fled the scene in the Ford pickup truck but later turned himself in to police.

Mr Sokup told the Star Tribune: "The 21-year-old is in custody and is expected to be charged with four counts of homicide through the negligent use of a vehicle."

The reason for the crash is not clear and Mr. Sokup has said that he has been approaching a hill and there were no blind spots.

"The area is not an unsafe area," he added.


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