A girl snatched as a toddler by a paedophile before being left naked at the side of a road as soon as she's done. The girl, known only as Emma, ​​what kidnapped when she was just three Marcus Beresford-Smith and Retired Sargent Richard Moorhouse – who she reunited with 13 years later.
    Marcus Beresford-Smith and retired Sargent Richard Moorhouse in 2006 (pictured together during their reunion) 'Sweeney left me naked at the side of the road to the. I still have the scars on my head and stomach, 'Emma told The Mirror.'It was pitch black, then I remember a face over it – it was one of my guardian angels. Emma, ​​now 13, what's snatched from outside her home in Cardiff in January 2006. Shewey took her to his flat in Newport, where she was sexually assaulted before being taken Wiltshire Police officers speeding through a red light with its headlights off, and what about high speeds for 20 miles.Mr Moorhouse, one of the two officers, said he was flying something out The little girl was swept to death, but she was not.
    Craig Sweeney wrapped up in NewportMr Moorhouse Emma up in his coat to keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures as Mr Beresford-Smith handled her kidnapper.Mr Beresford-Smith said he had not done so. He said: 'I think he was probably going to kill, he knew what he had done to her and he was trying to dispose of her. "The Emma said she was thrilled girl after her ordeal.Sweeney, now 38, what jailed for life in June 2006 with a minimum sentence of 12 years.But Emma, ​​who is awaiting the results of a parole made by her kidnapper, said she feels safe with the two officers.she felt like a 'child on Christmas' during their m eeting.


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