Girl who got stuck on a platform in the Ourthe has been rescued

A girl got stuck on a platform in the middle of the river in La-Roche-en-Ardenne yesterday afternoon while kayaking on the Ourthe. The Luxembourg rescue zone was able to safely bring the girl, who was on a trip with a school from Aarschot, ashore. This is reported by ‘l’Avenir du Luxembourg’ on its website.

“Four children have capsized in the Ourthe near Floréal. They were taken care of, but two other children continued the descent and did not respect the sailing instructions,” explains Guy Gilloteaux, mayor of La-Roche-en-Ardenne.

“They probably got stressed when they saw the vortex the water created and their kayak overturned. One of the children went over the wave and was able to get out. The other child clung to the platform and was in a precarious situation in the middle of the river,” said the mayor. At that point there are metal structures and a channel under the water surface, he points out.

An adult crossed over to help the girl, but also got stuck. Several divers from the Luxembourg rescue zone arrived on site. The girl was taken to hospital with mild hypothermia for further examinations.