Girlfriend killed with sword?

Bielefeld / Herford (dpa) – In the process of a woman killed with a sword, the defendant made a confession before the Bielefeld district court. At the beginning of the negotiations on Wednesday, the man also said that he could no longer remember exactly what had happened.

The man and his girlfriend were having a barbecue with a friend in January 2021 and wanted to spend the night there. But it turned out differently. His 43-year-old partner had laid down on a mattress with another guest and “messed with him,” said the German.

He had around three per thousand alcohol in his blood that evening, as did his partner. Angry he drove home to Herford. When his girlfriend came home the next day, accompanied by the acquaintance, the defendant opened the door with a samurai sword in hand. The 37-year-old said that he could not remember exactly whether he stabbed.

On the evening of that day, the defendant was still measured at 1.9 per mil. He ordered the sword with a blade length of 75 centimeters from an Internet mail order company. The acquaintance also said that he had not seen what had happened. He called an ambulance, dragged the dying woman onto the sidewalk and drove away.

A neighbor was waiting for the ambulance and informed the police. He had seen the defendant try in vain to pull the bleeding victim into the apartment. The sword had cut the woman’s main artery.


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